Specialized Edition
Lyre with a carved Horse's head and ornaments with a Crete theme





Cretan Lyra Special Edition For Sale 3-stringed with Horse Head Sculpture & Creta Theme Ornaments: 

Main theme Crete ornaments
Back~Golden Creta over the sea
Holder~The Greek word "ΚΡΗΤΗ" meaning CRETE floating
Upside Holder~The Minoan Bee symbol of the Minoan civilization on the King's Minoas Palace

•Vessel~European Linden
•Soundboard~Cedar of Lebanon(300+Years)
•Fingerboard~Zebrawood with Inlayed shell
•Tailpiece~Ebony with Epoxied border
•Bindings Purflings~Black and White marquetry
•Strings~Dogal & Lezner

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Cretan Lyra For Sale 3-stringed|Cobra Head pro: 

instrument scale~28.5cm/11.20 inches|tuning ~ A-D-G & B-E-A
•Vessel~Black Mulberry
•Soundboard~Cedar of Lebanon(300+Years)
•Fingerboard~Cedar of Lebanon with Black Celluloid
•Bridge~Black Mulberry
•Bindings Purflings~Marquetery with white cellulose
•Pegs~Grover Honeish

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Cretan Lyra For Sale 3-stringed|Professional(with more ornaments): 

instrument scale~28.5cm/11.22 inches|Tuning ~ A-D-G
•Vessel~Cretan(Greek) Walnut
•Soundboard~Cedar of Lebanon Old(300+ years)
•Bridge~Black Mulberry
•Nut~Black Mulberry
•Pegs~Grover(Honey colour bottoms)
•Bindings_Purflings~Wooden brown Marquetry & three-coloured Marquetry
•Ornaments~Inlays on the bridge base & fingerboard

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